Comland is people

Our ecosystem is built by extraordinary individuals and teams with integrity and a passion for constant development.


Technological, content and professional development is our passion, driven by the constant changes in the environment. We are developing as a business, as a team and as individuals. Our clients develop with us, and we develop with them.


For us, collaboration is a source of developmental possibilities. We work with our business partners, universities, teams and individuals that share our values and have mutual or complementary goals.


Integrity is a product of actions, not promises. Thus we respect and are worthy of respect. We trust and are trustworthy. We say what we mean, and do what we say.

Our management team

Tomaž Pogačnik
Founder, Strategic Business Development
Tomaž is a pillar of strategic development and vison in the company. With his rich experience in the IT he instills his coworkers with trust and energy for the development of innovative solutions. His passions are new knowledge, books and sports.
Darko Mišov
Chief Executive Officer
Darko is in charge of strategy execution. He sees every problem as a challenge and his strong will and preciseness help in efficient solving of them. By monitoring unit managers he ensures the quality of services, reliable processed operation and their constant improvement. Using constructive challenge resolution he fosters a pleasant organizational culture. In his spare time he likes to play poker and tarot.
Davorin Wagner
Chief Sales Officer
Davorin has more than decade of experiences in international environment in area of understanding market needs and building common vision with the partners. He is responsible for sales strategy/execution and believes that sales is not “sell&go” but building excellent long-term partnerships with goal to provide mutual benefits for the customer and the provider. When time allows he is passionate about traveling, especially through Asia.
Barbara Brenčič
Head of Corporate Support Unit
With her versatility she enables coworkers to focus on their job while all the rest “just gets done”. She notices and understands other’s opinions, that is why she takes part in most of the company’s strategic meetings and, as it comes naturally to her, why she took over strategic human resources management. She’s an athlete, a sailorwoman, and lately a passionate dancer.
Rok Kreslin
Head of MightCraft Unit
For the last few years Rok has been an important member of our MightCraft unit, which he has been heading since 2017. With his calmness, thoughtfulness and rich experiences he excellently leads by an example and complements the unit which pushes the boundaries of providing businesses with a paperless environment. He is passionate about travelling and outdoor activities; he especially loves surfing the waves.
Alja Horvat
Head of ISSV Unit
Alja heads projects from the social security field. Her successful management of the unit is the product of her accuracy and consistency, as well as her years long experience in the field. She lives by compassion, fair-play and “a healthy mind in a healthy body”, seasoned with a great deal of joy and pleasure.


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