Innovation and curiousity are written in our DNA

R & D

Childlike curiosity and advanced know-how guide us on our path of developing innovative solutions. By participation in international research and development projects we remain in contact with cutting-edge technology and knowledge.


Framework for indoor and outdoor navigation

Programme: ITEA 2 (Eureka)

Satellite navigation has revolutionized our way of navigating when behind the wheel. Many of us cannot imagine a trip without it. Navigation indoors on the other hand is somewhat lagging, but will have a great impact in the future. The goal of the FIONA project is the development of a software framework that will allow faster, cheaper and, most of all, easier development of assistants for indoor and outdoor navigation. The framework will support the use of various techniques for localization and navigation, various user interfaces and various security systems. The project is a cooperation of ten partners from five countries and it is co-funded by ITEA 2 and Ministry of Economic Development and Technology of the Republic of Slovenia.

We oversee the development of a system that uses a smartphone’s camera to determine the position in any given indoor space (shopping mall, train station, museum, etc.) in real-time.


Measuring user experience

Programme: ITEA 2 (Eureka)

Success of products and services is grossly dependent on user experience (UX). In the developmental stages there is great focus on UX. But the launch of the product or service usually means the end of measuring and improving of the UX. The goal of the EMPHATIC project is to measure and improve the UX using affective computing technologies, such as speech and text analysis, facial expression detection, body language monitoring, physiological measurements, etc. The project is a joint venture of more than thirty partners from eight European countries and it is co-funded by ITEA 2 and Ministry of Economic Development and Technology of the Republic of Slovenia.

Our team is involved in development of interfaces and algorithms based on computer vision. We are developing the technology for facial expression detection via camera and its integration in various applications for monitoring and measuring user reactions.


Navigation for the visually impaired

Programme: Ambient assisted living joint programme

The visually impaired face various challenges in planning, navigating and interacting with the environment. The goal of ALICE project is to develop a solution that would function as a reliable assistant in navigating that is integrated in to a mobile device (smartphone, computer or tablet). The data for reliable navigation is pooled from cameras, microphones and the Global Positioning System (GPS). The project is a cooperation of seven partners from four countries and it is co-funded by AAL and Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of the Republic of Slovenia.

Project ALICE integrates the latest research findings from cognitive sciences, psychology, computer vision, artificial intelligence and robot navigation. We are in charge of coordinating partners, developing solutions in computer vision, and integration of the components into a final prototype.

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