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MF Voice – an advanced voice interface

Did you know that Mighty Ben is a relative of Siri and Alexa?

Mighty Ben is a voice interface that allows users to control applications by voice. Thus, field teams can operate the application hands-free, search databases and fill out forms in natural language.

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Fund for Regional Development (www.eu-skladi.si).

Contact:  +386 1 43 80 140  |  info@comland.com

MF Scheduler – work scheduling interface

Smart scheduling of field work is also more environmentally friendly!

MF Scheduler is an interface for scheduling the work of field teams, which suggests to the manager the optimal distribution of field work among field teams. Depending on the location of individuals, the available schedule of workers, their knowledge/skills, available equipment, etc. will optimize travel costs, ensure an even workload for employees, and at the same time reduce the carbon footprint.

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Fund for Regional Development (www.eu-skladi.si).

Contact:  +386 1 43 80 140  |  info@comland.com

Mighty fieldwork management

How to effectively optimise field work and field data capture.

Imagine your field teams being able to do their work without distractions from their main objectives – isn’t this the ultimate goal of well-managed digitalisation? Data is automatically completed (where possible), entered only once, into unified databases that are permanently accessible to management teams. Up-to-date, reliable data from the field.

With MightyFields, you will achieve this easily and efficiently, with most digitalisations being performed independently. Truly mighty!

Mighty smart metering

A clear overview of smart meter communication to optimise your fieldwork.

Ensuring the performance of smart meter reading begins with obtaining an effective overview of the communication network, and with smart distribution of teamwork that removes communication errors in the field. How do you identify the reasons and required actions to eliminate communication noise in the network?

MightyInsight is a solution that makes it easy, as the application learns by itself. We continually upgrade it with machine learning algorithms that make its decision making smarter every day. Mighty!


AI based decision making


Visualisation of GIS data


Advanced data analytics on historical data


Seamless compatibility with MightyFields

Stories written with our ambitious clients and partners

Web app for managing custom processes and data capture with MightyFields

Client: BTS Group

The best solution I know for digital data collection and the best company I have found to date to provide it.

Andrew WattsInternal Infrastructure Director, BTS

BTS Group from the UK use MightyFields and an additional web application in the processes of cleaning and regulating green spaces surrounding  power lines and other elements of the infrastructure of electricity distributors.

Their key benefits:

  • unified work of all teams;
  • reliable data capture, which enables the preparation of detailed invoicing reports to contracting parties;
  • automated delivery of consents to landowners, immediately available in any location in the field.

MightyFields for data collection in the processes of maintenance of infrastructure and installation of meters for end users

Client: Elektro Gorenjska

The MightyFields solution is practical because it is based on a system of forms that contain data obtained from Elektro Gorenjska’s backend systems. Thus, we can add any functions that we need with its form builder. At the same time, it allows the installers to use and update data from back-office systems, which is crucial for ensuring the accuracy and promptness of the data.

Dominik OvničekAdvisor to the Board of Technical Affairs and Strategy

MightyFields as a digitalisation and data collection tool enables Elektro Gorenjska to:

  • accelerate the process of digitalisation for certain processes that had previously taken several months to just a few days;
  • obtain data from back-office systems, ensuring up-to-date and correct data;
  • have an overview of the entire process – from the end client’s initial requirements to invoice issuing;
  • communicate with smart meters via a Bluetooth device (“device to device”), which improves the accuracy of the procedures.

MightyFields for ad-hoc mobile data capture from the field

Client: Istrabenz plini

MightyFields is one of those solutions that can make an IT department famous!

Črtomir JešelnikCIO

At Istrabenz plini, data capture is carried out by their drivers and their sales team. In doing so, they are able to:

  • immediately create digital forms at the time of need – highly responsive;
  • less work for IT staff – forms are created by administrative workers;
  • improve team flexibility in the field.

MightyFields to connect new users to the power grid

Client: Elektro Ljubljana

The Comland team added enthusiasm and energy to our project.

Tadej ŠinkovecHead of Metering Services

The first process in which Elektro Ljubljana used MightyFields was to connect new users to the power grid. Benefits include:

  • unified process of connecting new clients to the distribution network;
  • the procedure and communication with the client are more transparent – for the client as well as for the team;
  • real time data, no additional work with retyping and fewer mistakes in data due to backend systems integration.

MightyFields to support the installation and servicing of equipment for the cogeneration of electricity

Client: Megaenergija

MighyFields enables us to accelerate key business processes from delivery of the service to issuance of the invoice.

Andrej PodgorelecHead of Sales and Procurement

With mobile data acquisition with MightyFields, the company Megaenergija is able to:

  • optimise the process of planning the work of field teams;
  • speed up the invoicing process and make it more transparent for the client;
  • improve communication with customers;
  • gain immediate access to up-to-date information on the performance of work in the field.

MightyFields for field team of inspectors

Client: City of Ljubljana

The City of Ljubljana digitised their inspection procedure. Benefits include:

  • faster performance of inspections;
  • better control of collected data in the field (on-line verification of the quality of the data entered, verification of compliance with mandatory data);
  • more reliable data (data not replicated, existing internal and external data used – e.g. AJPES);
  • overview of the performance of each inspection team.

I recommend Comland without reservation.

Andrew WattsInternal Infrastructure Director, BTS

In the past we needed a few weeks or even months to digitalise each data capture process.
Now we can digitalise it within a few days, with MightyFields.

Dominik OvničekConsultant to the Management of the Board for Technical Affairs and Strategy, Elektro Gorenjska

Comland is a truly great development partner
which has helped us meet our business objectives on time and on budget, and all that with an uncompromised level of quality.

Horst NebenfuehrCEO, NiCE IT Management Solutions

Trenutno si brez informacijske podpore Doksis – sistema za upravljanje z dokumenti ne znamo predstavljati obvladljivosti našega pisarniškega poslovanja.

Cvetka PeterlinSecretary, School Centre Novo Mesto

The Comland team added enthusiasm and energy to our project.

Tadej ŠinkovecHead of Metering Services, Elektro Ljubljana

MightyFields is one of those solutions that makes an IT team in a  company famous!

Črtomir JešelnikCIO, Istrabenz Plini

Comland delivered exactly what was agreed, exactly on time and to the price that had been agreed.

Andrew WattsInternal Infrastructure Director, BTS

We were delighted by the new solution for processing within the KURIR information system.
It is transparent, user-friendly and eye-catching.

Trustees of the IS KURIR contractMinistry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, Republic of Slovenia

We have found Comland to be a  reliable and competent partner
which delivers quality, responsiveness and the will to help solve critical problems.

Federico BernardiDirector of Development & SW Design, DBA Lab

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