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Efficient document management

We believe in the power of efficient and simple document archive managing. The Program DOKSIS was developed in cooperation with the Faculty of Administration of University of Ljubljana to provide document managing functions in compliance with Decree on Administrative Operations.

Conducting procedures according to ZUP-1, classification, processing and archiving documents, searching the archives, leveled access management, printing envelopes, return receipts, various lists, etc. are just a few capabilities Doksis has to offer. It has already simplified document processing and managing for more than 100 municipalities, homes for the elderly, school centers, schools, kindergartens and other organizations.

We adjust Doksis according to your wants and needs; we provide training to end-users as well as complete support after deployment. The Doksis team will listen to your ideas and provide timely updates and upgrades.

Live EyeDealer

Tool to provide even better player experience

Live EyeDealer enables live dealer casinos with capabilities to motivate and help dealers be even more successful in providing best player experience.

Empower supervisors and dealers with real-time information on every dealer’s behavioural performance and access history reports for objective and more insightful evaluation.

Key benefits:

  • Improved customer experience resulting in higher life time value of players.
  • Realt-time information and history analytics on individual dealer’s behavioural performance.
  • Automated and objective feedback to dealers.
  • Immediate actions to maintain preferable customer experience.


Mobile forms for fieldwork

Are you thinking about using mobile forms for fieldwork?

Making fieldwork data collection faster and more unified, real-time fieldwork data acquisition, guiding field teams in communicating with customers, changing the form on-the-fly are just a few reasons to do so.

MightyFields is an application suite that makes transitioning to a paperless business effortless and provides all the necessary elements for efficient fieldwork.

Effortless transition in three simple steps:

  • Create a mobile form: Convert a paper form to a mobile form right in your office and make it available to your field workers immediately.
  • Filling in a form: Wherever, whenever, on every device. Filling in a form will be possible even without an internet connection.
  • Using the collected data: Access the collected fieldwork data in real time or connect MightyFields to your existing system and use the fieldwork data to adjust your existing analyses.

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